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Leeuwin Pet Care


Pet Taxi Available

Having a rural property offers all sorts of good things to do and check out...
NEW LAPS @ $1 each ask Tracey
Farm walks taking in the rabbit patch or the dam. Walks are about 40 minutes in duration and are carried out on secure 10 metre leads. Bunnies and roos are tempting;- )
Book on arrival  $16 per walk.
Another benefit for young dogs is playtime.
One on one interaction with the toy basket in secure yard. 
15 minute plays $6.00.
Hydo baths available upon request. Request for type of bath required.
In house guests $14.00
Toe nails a specialty. With a choice of tools to minimise fuss at nail time.
Medication of 1 tablet daily given freely.
However if your dog requires extras this will be negotiable as to type/regularity of treatment.


Price per calender day for;
                 one dog is $17.50
2 dogs is $30.00
3 dogs $35.00
Whilst your dog or dogs stay they will have their own indoor sleeping area with an above the ground hammock style beds.
Each has an adjoining run. 
With a grass exercise area on each side. Where all dogs get to access twice daily while their pens are being cleaned and tidied.  

Unless requested all dogs from the same family will stay together.
The dogs seem to settle with a rug or similar from home. So this is encouraged. Same will be removed if found to be chewed.

Whilst your dog stays his / her diet shall consist of a premium biscuit, fresh chicken/beef mince also raw chicken necks and frames.
The dogs are fed in the mornings.
 Multiple dogs are separated at eating to ensure everyone is getting their share.